Free Time

Free time and downtime are an important part of well-being. But, many times people get antsy when they aren’t being productive or use an entertainment vehicle like the internet or TV to zone out. Maybe you have forgotten what you even like to do since there is "never any free time."

This back to school time is a great time to uncover things you love to do. I took a free astronomy class at our local nature center last night. I got the Recreation Sign Up booklet in the mail with classes like Zumba, crocheting, genealogy, and beading. Why should the kids get all the fun classes?

Our library has groups like book club, art journaling and writing.

I get the local paper’s RSS feed to go into my Google Reader so I know all the free or inexpensive events and classes coming up, like the $2 Gem and Mineral show put on my the local gem club.

Why don’t you make a list of things you might be interested in learning more about or doing?

Pick one and do something with it for 15 minutes this week, whether it’s looking up local groups/classes, scheduling time to do an activity or learning more about it from the internet.

frisbee golf

Frisbee Golf


What would it feel like to use your free time to light you up?


Photo by Steve Hicks