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  • Brenda says:

    Today I received your 2021 declutter calendar. Many thanks, Beth.

    I n 2006 my husband and I circled around Noth America in our fifth wheel. Life was great. In 2007 I became chronically fatigued and chronically pain pain ridden. I spend 22 hours a day in bed. There is very little that I can do. I would like to have a purpose. Can you help me?

  • Suella Postles says:

    Please have a look at This is the site recommended by the Coalition of ME Specialists. It will have a lot of free library articles as well as a free Pacing Tutorial which may help you to consider those hours that you are able to spend more actively.

    but there is a lot to do in bed as well.

    I’ve had CFS/ME since 202/3 and with this site I’ve managed to babystep my way to improvement.
    I now moderate for one of the courses. Happy to discuss this further should you wish to send me a privat e message via Beth

    Suella Postles

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