Freedom of a Simpler Life


An overwhelmed life can feel like a one way street – cramped, no way out, frustrating, shut in.

Simple living gives you freedom. Without being weighed down by debt you have the freedom to take more opportunities. With margin in your day you are free to choose to eat lunch with a friend that calls you out of the blue. With less stuff you have the freedom to do more fun activities and less maintenance.

A person living a simpler life knows they have the freedom in what they choose to do. They don’t yield to the over busy pressure of society, friends or family. They know how to say no to what is not their purpose and say yes to what calls to them.

Without the overwhelming pressure to do, do, do you can become what you were meant to be, taking flight and expressing yourself fully. You see things from a higher view, rather than day to day minutia.


When you slow down, you connect with what you need. You can nurture and renew yourself so you are ready for whatever is next.

You have the freedom to be totally present without the worry of what you aren’t doing. You can be fully engaged in your life – exploring each moment.

What in your life is stifling and overwhelming you? What is one action you can take to gain more freedom in that area?

(renegotiating a deadline, returning those clothes and paying down debt instead, taking a quiet time first thing in the morning, splitting responsibility with someone)

Photo credit: Aussiegall

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