Fully Alive


“Simplicity is the examined life richly lived. It is asking ourselves what’s important, what matters. We all think that someday we’ll start living. But few of us feel fully alive.” -Cecile Andrews

If your idea of a good day is just making it through it, it may be time to ask yourself some questions. What’s important to you? What matters in your life? Who do you love? Where is your passion? What will make you feel fully alive?

Take some time this week to write/draw/paint some answers to these questions.


  • LuAnn says:

    Hi Beth, you know I’m not sure I can express what I mean in this message. A good day is making it through, but so many blessings are missed if that is all we do. I have been smacked in the face this week several times in age related areas. I’m in my early 50’s and it seemed like all week things reminded me of my age or mortality. Then I thought, you know I like where I am, I even like who I am and these things that smacked me are truly blessings to appreciate. One was that I realized when a good friend of mine, whose father passed away this week, had been my friend for 50 years. At his funeral was a friend who I had been friends with since we I can’t even remember, and another who attended the service has been my friend for 48 years. What a blessing that is! Another was that a penpal I write to in Denmark has been a penfriend for 40 years, since a class assignment in 1967! Isn’t that remarkable? I almost let it trip me up, that 40 years and 48 years, and 50 years all sound like something someone old would say. Why would I let that bother me?????????? What is important to me? Children, mine, my children’s children, children I work with at school. What matters to me? God and Family and Country Who do I love? My husband, our family, my family, his family, church family, and friends. Where is my passion? This was hard for me but I think my passion loving those I love, trying to encourage those around me, to be a postitive in someone’s day rather than a negative, does that make sense? What makes me feel fully alive? Well, I guess, waking up and seeing my husband, thanking God for a new day and getting on with it. Have a great day! Whooo, this is much longer than I intended!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I love this LuAnn, it’s so true. Relationships are so important and we miss out when we forget to notice and be grateful for the wonderful people in our lives.

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