Fun Goals


I am so excited. I forgot about my feedburner, so I think I have most of my blog posts. Yea! Here’s the first one.
If you made goals this year, did you have any fun goals? Or were they all about improving something? Do any of your goals even excite you? What could you do this year that would make you feel more alive?

Sometimes if we get so overwhelmed, we don’t even remember what it is we are passionate about. I created a printable worksheet that will help you brainstorm some ideas. It includes phrases like Learn about: I want to feel: this year and Invite: to: I hope these sentence starters will bring you closer to finding out what you would love to do this year.

Once you brainstorm your list, plan a couple a month and see what this year brings you.

Joyful Fun PDF Worksheet


  • Kate Richmond says:

    What a great tool! You are so right about being so overwhelmed by to-do’s that even when the pressure is off I can’t remember what I thought would be fun to do “when I get a chance.”

    It seems counterintuitive, but having a list of fun stuff may be the only way to bring balance to a life ruled by lists.

    Thank you for these ideas to help us think outside the box.

    YVT, KR

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I am having a lot of fun filling out my own list as well, Kate. TV and surfing online may be easy, but there are a lot more ways to have fun!

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