Get Back on Track with Post-Its

I am not a fan of post it notes for to do’s. Layering them on desks, computer monitors and planners seems scattered. I like having my todo’s in one space. (Even if I change up the space once in awhile).

But, I love post its to keep on track.

One of my clients is in a job where answering the phone is a must. So every time she was done with a phone call, she spent precious minutes getting back into her work.

Now before she answers the phone, she jots a quick note of the next step and sticks it on her file folder. After the call is done, she picks up her note and starts working right away.

These work for any interruptions. If someone comes in, hold up a finger and say just a sec as you finish your thought on a post it with your next action. Then you can give them your full attention.

Before your next break, write down the action you need to do when you get back so after your break you can get to work easier.

And for project files, when you are done for the day write down what you need to do when you next work on the project. You are less likely to get stuck with where to start.

Photo Credit:  Adactio