Get Comfortable with Being Alone

Solitude is so important for a simpler life. Until you can hear your inner voice, you may rely too much on what other people think your life should look like.

But, I know solitude can be difficult for some people. We had a 2 minute silent prayer at church on Sunday and there was a lot of squirming and fidgeting.

It helps if you have a positive view of being alone.

In the book Awe-manic, it suggests doing an A-Z on Alone.

Here were my thoughts on being alone:

A lone
C omfort
D iscern
E mpathy
F reedom
G oodness
H appy
I nsights
J oy
K ick in the pants
L ove
M oods
N otice
O pen
P urpose
Q uery
R est
S atisfy
T ruth
U nwind
V ision
W orth
X amine
Y earning
Z est

What are your thoughts on being alone?


Photo credit : Jen Whetzel