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It’s summer here, so I’d rather sleep in and lay in the hammock then do work. But, work needs to get done. So I need to energize. Here’s some summer energizers:

  • Take calcium/magnesium supplement (if you don’t get enough) 40 minutes before bed to sleep better
  • Make your room extra dark so the earlier light doesn’t disturb you
  • Breathe and center yourself 5 minutes in the morning before you go full blast
  • Take a morning walk before it gets too hot. That sunshine wakes you up.
  • Eat lots of fresh produce – we just picked strawberries. Yum!
  • Take a small nap in the heat of the day if possible
  • Remember the big picture in the work you are doing and who you are helping
  • At my husband’s work, they give out popsicles on really hot days
  • Take your shoes off when you work at the computer
  • Hang a picture of a fun vacation, so you can go back to that place in your mind
  • Splash yourself with cold water
  • Read a little in your summer reading book
  • We don’t have central air, so sometimes working at the library or Barnes and Noble helps
  • Paint your toenails and vibrant  color. Seeing my coral nails always makes me smile.
  • Try slower exercise like yoga


Photo by Brea Dargis

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  • Debbie says:

    These are great suggestions~thanks.
    I’m sorry you don’t have air. 🙁

  • Taking your shoes off while on the computer is a must! Thanks for the list.

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