Get it Done Day

Can’t Wait to Chat with You on Get it Done Day!

Do you have those things that just never seem to get done? Things you procrastinate on like organizing a closet, making a difficult phone call or a business report? Get It Done Day is for tackling that energy draining to do list. Working together, laughing and connecting with others who don’t have “it all together” (which we know is an illusion anyway) can be a fun way of completing those things.

I want you to feel centered, responsible and less frazzled. To move forward with your goals and projects and find more energy by finishing up those incompletes.

Accountability is the best way I know to conquer procrastination.

Our next Get it Done Day:

Date: Monday, July 8th, 2019

Time: 9:00amET-4:00pm ET at the top of each hour (ie 9am, 10am)

At the top of each hour we will say what we hope to do. At a quarter after we zoom to get it done. Then at the top of the next hour we say what we have accomplished and get some pats on the back.

i.e. 10:00 “What are you working on? I plan to get through as many emails as I can. “
10:15 Focused working on the emails.
11:00 “I cleared 800 emails and unsubscribed to a bunch of lists.” Great job, you worked hard!” Chit, chat. Maybe drink a glass of water. “Next 45 minutes I plan to clean out my fridge.”
11:15 Focused working on fridge.

I love the support and encouragement we can give each other that not everyone gets from home. Plus you’ll get me as a supportive mentor who is doing it with you.

You don’t have to do the entire 7 hours, just come and go when you can throughout the day.

Some More ideas for get it done day
  • Go over your business plan
  • Exercise
  • Write that letter
  • A project really close to completion
  • Make that appointment
  • Finish the sewing project
  • Catch up on your reading
  • Back up your computer
  • Weed your garden
  • Work on that scrapbooking page
  • Plan for an upcoming holiday
  • Balance your checkbook
  • Catch up on phone calls, emails and texts
  • End of year financial stuff
  • Make a monthly menu plan
  • Decluttering or organizing a room
  • Clean off your desk top
  • Go through your paperwork
  • Plan a party
  • Make that sales call
  • Fix that broken knob
  • Mend the shirt

A list might help. What has been niggling you? What have you been procrastinating on?

On Get It Done Day, I plan to take care of the following things that have been bugging me








It’s only $9 to have a Coach and others motivate you to get things done for 7 hours. Invite your friends for even more encouragement. You really will be amazed and how much you can get done with the support of the group. And afterwards someone always says, “Wow, that time went so fast.” Instead of slogging through a list, you are doing it together.  

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