Get more energy for the holiday season


We are coming into the hectic holiday season. We all need as much energy as we can, yet this is the time of year we usually are sick and exhausted.

I have a few ideas to plan for more energy using mental, emotional, spiritual and physical ways to enhance our energy.


  1. Much of our loss of energy is not physical stress, but mental stress. We think about all the things we have to do as our energy seeps out. Let’s experiment. Next time you feel stressed by what you need to do, write it down on a list. Then forget about it, for now. Try to keep your mind on what you are doing. Focus yields better results. If your mind wanders, remind yourself that you already wrote it down and you are not on those tasks yet.
  2. One reason we lose energy is because we are procrastinating on something. If you bite the bullet and knock off a bunch of those draining to do’s you will feel lighter. Every accomplishment brings more energy.
  3. Another form of mental stress is negativity. If you are only thinking about how awful this project, situation, or chore is, you aren’t going to have the energy to do it. Instead focus on the bigger picture. What will having a clean kitchen do for your stress level? How will you feel once you finish that project? What is good that can be accomplished from this situation? Concentrate on the outcome you hope to achieve, rather than the work or difficulty involved.


  1. But, yes, some of our energy loss is physical. You need to exercise or at least do a small walk or yoga session to feel better. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to exercise. And after watching TV you probably feel like a lump, but after exercising you will most likelyfeel even more energized. Keep that vision of energy in your head to get yourself off the couch.
  2. Eating smaller meals, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and taking your vitamins are all great ways to get more energy. If all you eat is fast food and junk food you aren’t going to feel fantastic.
  3. You really do need sleep. As much as you feel it is a waste of time, study after study prove that those who sleep 7-9 hours a night feel better, live longer, have better focus and productivity and are better able to control their emotions. What is the point of trying to get everything done by cutting back on sleep, if you are grumpy, unfocused, and feel awful? How much could you get done if you were energetic, bright-eyed and able to concentrate?


  1. Some of our energy blocks come from emotions that aren’t dealt with. Writing in a journal is one of the best way to process your feelings from the day. Write out your anger, stress, sadness and fear. Sometimes you will come up with some action steps to work out your emotions. Sometimes just the act of writing puts them to rest.
  2. Having a support structure of friends and family will energize you. Feel how excited about life you are after getting together for a fun outing with friends. Notice you energy level as you feel connected and loved by someone. And giving support can sometimes give you energy, too. As long as it is a give and take relationship.
  3. Other ways to deal with your emotions: talk it out with someone, cry, think it through, laugh, pray, grieve. Allow yourself to feel, instead of stuffing your emotions away. You will be more alive!


  1. Feeling connected to something higher than yourself, gives you a sense of purpose and direction. You are more energetic, when you feel there is a higer goal involved.
  2. Praying, meditating and reading spiritual literature can give you peace amidst the chaos of life. This time of rest, renews you for the work ahead.
  3. Giving in ways that have meaning to you can fill you with hope and love…and energy. If you find a cause you are passionate about, you will be so inspired. On the other hand, if you are volunteering often doing things you aren’t remotely interested in, step back. Allow someone else with that passion and purpose to find their cause.√ā¬ √ā¬

One essential to success is that your desire be an all-obsessing one, your thoughts and aims be co-ordinated, and your energy be concentrated and applied without letup. – Claude M. Bristol

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