Get More Energy for the New Year


Today is a great day to clean up some of the past year, so you have more energy for the new year.

This doesn’t mean you get to berate yourself for all you didn’t accomplish, finish, or complete. Have it feel more like an experiment in energy. How do you feel after getting something off your plate?

You don’t have to complete everything to gain this burst of energy. Even cleaning up one thing makes you feel lighter.

Here are some ideas you can choose from:

  • Use up the last of the special lotion, body scrub or nail polish
  • Finish up any actions in your to do paperwork folder
  • Clean out your tickler file
  • Start a new tax folder
  • Clean off your desk, dresser or end table
  • Forgive someone
  • Clean out your email in box
  • File your to file pile
  • Clear off your computer desktop of old items and icons
  • Send out or pay invoices
  • Update your address book
  • Drop or complete a project
  • Mend or fix something

Anyone of these things will give you energy for the New Year. Happy New Year!

Photo by: Color Line