Get More Peace in Your Life


What most of us want in our lives is peace. We don’t want drama, stress, and hurry. So how can we get more peace in our busy lives?


Peace on the Inside

First, realize that peace is not found outside, it is found inside. I was on a quiet nature walk the other day, enjoying the yellow leaves and the sound of the stream over the rocks. When this 6 year old boy and his father come barreling into my quiet. Talking, chattering, hyena laughing. Immediately I tensed up. How rude of them to break my peace.

Then I listened to the story. What is really happening – a father and son are enjoying the day in the woods. My story – they are rude, obnoxious, and now I have lost all sense of peace. So I am the one that is actually breaking my peace. When I let my expectation and story go, I could enjoy the energy of them. And see in wonder as the boy sees in wonder. My peace is regained.

Stop fighting what is happening around you and find ways to enjoy it.

Creating Space

It’s harder to feel peace amidst clutter.

  • Create some empty flat surfaces around you.
  • Clear off your desk every day.
  • Have a corner for yourself that is peaceful. Maybe a cushion in a closet to meditate,  or a chair with a light & your favorite blanket for reading, or a spa like bathroom.
  • Create space in your day by leaving for appointments early and keeping enough time between tasks.


The world is loud with trains, TV, ipods, traffic, loud co-workers, electronic devices. We need more quiet to calm our rattled brains. Take 5 minutes first thing in the morning to be silent. Just sit and breathe. When you are alone in the car, turn off the radio and immerse yourself in quiet. Don’t put the TV on for background noise if you aren’t watching it. Spend extra time in the bathroom if that is the only place you can get quiet. Make use of ear plugs.

Think You Are Enough

A lot of our rushing and striving is because we don’t think we are enough or do enough. And often we are harder on ourselves than other people are. Peace alludes us when we are never satisfied with what we have done. Peace hides from the tiger of, “You need to do more”. Let yourself be imperfect and human. Let yourself be vulnerable and ask for help. We are all in this together. And none of us has it all together. Feel how peaceful it is to remove the mask.

What are ways you bring more peace into your life?


Photo by Brea Dargis



  • Carl says:

    I like your article,and ‘letting myself be imperfect and human’ is what I have learning to do lately.And I am also learning to say ‘thank you’ in time where and when it is due.So,thank you from Donetsk,Ukraine.

  • Beth says:

    Good for you Carl! Very good.

  • Iman says:

    I am craving serenity

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