Get ready for the New Year weekend

Are you all set for 2007?

Some things you may want to do this weekend to help complete the old year and set up for the new one:

  • Create a new file folder for Taxes 2007
  • Sort through your pile of papers
  • File any unfiled papers
  • Write birthdays and important dates in your calendar
  • Decide on a to do system for the year
  • Update your address book with your Christmas cards
  • Think of a theme for the next year ie: energy, action, gratitude, serenity (Post your theme in the comments)
  • Make a list of incompletions: projects not finished, things to fix, people to respond to, bookkeeping, email, overdue items, clutter, promises not kepts
  • Plan some fun for Jan and Feb

For later in January:

  • Update home inventory
  • Bring your email in box to empty
  • Review or set up your spending plan
  • Finish as many incompletions as possible so you can make room for the new