Get Your Receipts Scanned For You

Someone from Shoeboxed offered me a trial of their receipt system. At the time I was going to do my taxes, so I said sure. As my accountability partner will tell you, the thing I procrastinate the most in my business is tracking the receipts and tax info. I don’t much like numbers and busy work. I’ll say, I need to do the month end. Then the next month, now I need to do the month end for this month and last month. 

They sent me a nice, big envelope. I popped my receipts in and sent it to them. You can also photograph receipts and business cards or forward your email receipts to your account.

No more scanning or messing with receipts.

Instead they scan and extract the information like amount and vendor. Then they categorize the information. The information is kept securely online. I log in and I can see the information whenever I want. You can export the info into programs like PDF or Quicken. Or you can print or download the information.

You can download contact info into Gmail, ACT, Constant Contact and other places.

There’s also an iPhone app you can use with it to track your receipts. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t tell you how good that it.

This saved so much time when I was doing taxes this year.

You can have them send the receipts back to you depending on your plan or they will shred them.

I love the idea of scanning receipts into the computer, but our flatbed scanner is so slow. And the receipt scanners are too expensive for my budget. (And I’d still have to scan.)

I’m keeping up with this because receipts and tax stuff was such an energy drainer for me.

Since I am an affiliate, you can get a FREE TRIAL HERE.