Getting Home from Vacation

So you had a great time, spent lots of time traveling back and you just want to go to sleep.

What I have found is if you don’t unpack as soon as you get home, suitcases stay in your living room for about a week.

For years, no matter how tired I am, I quick unpack. Clothes thrown into the washer, things put away, my grooming bag gets put in the bathroom to unpack as I get ready the night before. And since I had been sitting in the car, the movement actually feels good. It also makes my cat feel better. Otherwise he needs to lie on my suitcase to make sure I don’t leave again.

It also helps to get a good night sleep to get ready for the next day.

I made sure I got up in time for a good yoga session and quiet time before opening my email. I quick wrote down the email to dos on my to do list and saw which could be done the next day instead.

Then I goofed and went full speed ahead Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, I didn’t want to work anymore. Next time I will ease into work and not try to catch up in two days.