Getting it All Done on Break


So you want to get it all done this break from work? I suggest – don’t.


Most of my clients have super big goals for this week. So I have had to talk some of them down. Vacation time is not only to get your home back in shape, it’s to recover and to spend time with your family.

Check your to do list, is there a balance? Not perfect balance because that is elusive and doesn’t really exist. But, a simple balance.

Do you have home projects on the list, like decluttering the bedroom or getting through some paper piles? Have just a couple on the list and once those are done you can always add more. After all, I am sure there is already some cleaning up from the holidays that also needs to get done.

How about family activities? Maybe visiting the grandchildren, taking the kids to the movies, or having a family game night. Try to have some family time every day on vacation.

Then there is recuperation time. Do you have any relaxing time on your list? Some reading, extra quiet time to think about the year ahead, long walks, or coffee with friends. Add daily recuperation time to your list.

If you don’t enjoy this vacation time, if you have it, then you will start the new year back at work as tired as you left.

How about if you don’t have vacation?

I am self-employed, so I have work to do. I am trying to work less this week, but there is still work. If you have to work this week too, maybe leave most of the home projects and other projects till after the New Year. Enjoy this time with your family & friends and get some evening recuperation time for yourself.

Off to go to the in-laws to celebrate Christmas!


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  • happygirl says:

    I needed to hear this. I’m on break and trying to get my whole house back together after recovering from Hurricane Irene. (had a tree in the house)

  • Sage says:

    I’m guilty of doing this! I try to check things off my to-do list when I’m supposed to be relaxing. Thanks for the reminder that a break really means a BREAK! 🙂

  • Vicki says:

    I have few to no excuses. I live alone. I am retired. However, that means nothing. I simple to not like any part of keeping house. I pay someone to dust and stuff. I hope that by linking into this website, I may rediscover some adrenalin in my system!!!

  • Lisa says:

    This is a great reminder & very timely! My husband and I have had this week off. We created a huge list of decluttering projects and I’m very pleased to say we got most of them done! Last night as we looked over the fruits of our labor…half the garage full of a huge pile ofjunk and donations…my 8 year old son asked me when I was going to be done working. I told him, “I’m not working, I’ve had the whole week off!” Then he asked if we could go to Blockbuster to rent a game and of course I was too tired. After about 20 minutes of his pouting I realized that a simple trip to Blockbuster wasn’t too much to ask and was a nice break from cleaning. We’ve still got 3 days of break left and I think it’s time to change pace and enjoy some family time 🙂
    Thank you Beth and Happy New Year!

  • Gloria says:

    Thank you, Beth, for stating what should be obvious to anyone, but to those of us who skulk in our own dark corners of clutter, the truth of living a balanced life just seems like yet another unattainable goal. Sort of like an uncluttered breakfast table. I had such high hopes of doing the “balance” you describe; I was even celebrating with friends on a daily basis,and then, when it was time to put the pedal to the metal, and all the revelry was over—– I came down with the flu. So, today, January 2, I FINALLY got out of bed to welcome the new year and all the leftover clutter and projects I would’ve at least taken a crack at during this past week of break. I am grateful for my health–which seems to be returning slowly but surely–and grateful to have a home in which to tackle my clutter. Blessings to all, Gloria

  • Beth says:

    I was down with the flu the past 3 days myself. We’ll just have to celebrate the new year now, Gloria. 🙂

  • Beth says:

    Hope you enjoyed that family time Lisa!

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