Getting less biased information for voting

It’s almost election time here in the U.S. We have the opportunity and privilege to vote on the type of America we want. But so many people get lazy and stay uniformed making their decisions based on bad commercials instead of research.

And many people don’t have time to figure out which sources are unbiased and places they can trust.

Here are three sites which a pretty unbiased. (Every site has a bias, whether they intend to or not which is why you want to use multiple sites)  This site matches you up to canditates that share your views. The Find your Candidate box shows all the candidates that will be on your ballot. It also shows all the ballot measures locally and state wide. I know in my state of Michigan we got a slew of ballot proposals in, mainly by special interests with money. But, the language is very shaky so most of them will provide bad unintended consequences. Be sure to know about your ballot proposals before voting day.  From the League of Women voters. Includes the issues and candidates along with information on how to vote in your state. tells what every political leader has said on every issue.

Each state may also have non-partisan sites for state issues.

So how do you prepare for election day?

1) Research using at least three non-partisan sites the candidates and ballot issues

2) Write down the candidates and proposals you support to bring with on voting day

3) Set a reminder on your phone or computer to vote

4) Don’t talk yourself out of voting on election day due to time issues or your "vote won’t count anyway." As a citizen if you want to choose the direction of the country, you need to vote.