Getting to Complete

One of the main reasons we end up with clutter and piles is that we don’t complete things. I have noticed this creeping back lately. Cups don’t get put back after drinking in the living room. Papers aren’t in the inbox but strewn around. A pile of things to do has accumulated on my piano bench. Laundry was in the dryer for 3 days because I forgot to take it out.

I was talking with a client who was saying that with the kids it seems she runs from one emergency to another without finishing anything. Very easy to do.

One helpful idea is if you get interrupted, write in your notebook what you were doing. Then when you finish the other item, check your notebook for what you were doing. This prevents you from bopping from thing to thing without actually finishing the whole process. It’s not helpful to only have part of the dishwasher unloaded. And the kitchen floor looks funny half swept.

I think I am going to work with my papers today and the piano bench tomorrow. How about you?