Getting to Know Your Life Purpose


Simplifying without knowing your purpose and passions, means you may be simplifying the wrong things. You don’t want to streamline all your meals if one of your loves is cooking. A short gym workout may not be as enjoyable as a long hike if you are a nature lover.

Most of the purpose finding processes are long, so when Mohamed of Midway Simplicity sent me his 30 minute P.A.S. 2.0 method I was excited. (And a little leery. 30 minutes, really?)

But he does a great job, as usual, of distilling the best of ‘how to find your purpose’ into a simple, simple process.

I am interested in many different things and his process made it easy to find the few most important to me. And he helped me find my advantage – how I can be of most use.

If you are looking for your next step or what you want to be when you grow up, Mohamed’s P.A.S. method is a fast way to get on your right path.

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