Getting to Sleep on Time

One of the subscribers to the New Habit eCourse asked how she could implement her new habit of going to bed by 10:00pm.

I’ve had struggles with this the past year myself.

What finally worked for me was going to bed just five minutes earlier each night and waking up five minutes earlier each morning.

And once I was waking up at the time I wanted – I set my goal to wake up at that same time every day for 30 days. So even on days when I don’t go to bed when I want, my wake up time stays the same. Then the next night I feel tired and ready for bed earlier.

We usually need different amounts of sleep each day, but if you wake up at the same time every day – including weekends, your body will let you know when you are tired.

Some other tips:

  • Turning the lights down with a dimmer switch an hour before bed.
  • No bright lights from computer monitors so turn off the computer within 30 minutes of bed time.
  • No violent or adrenaline inducing TV within an hour before bed (Record your shows or just wait until they come out on DVD).
  • Have a before bed routine that relaxes you – like washing your face, brushing your teeth, gently laying out your clothes for the morning, journaling then reading something inspirational. If you just jump directly into bed, you are going to be wide awake thinking and tossing.
  • Get your chores done as soon as dinner is over if possible.
  • Journaling before bed can help you get all your to do’s and should haves out of your mind. I like to end my journal entry thinking about the best things of the day.
  • Doing a couple yoga stretches or doing a meditation right before bed can help you doze off easier.
  • Saying an affirmation like, “I am letting today go and am drifting into a deep sleep” for a few minutes can calm your mind.
  • Time what you want to do before bed, so you know what time you need to start.
  • Listen to a nature or relaxing CD as you are getting ready for bed

Do you have any tips on getting to sleep on time and falling asleep easier?