Getting Your Financial House in Order

Finances are one of those things that is easier to let someone else handle – your husband or wife, an accountant, a broker. Maybe you think it’s too scary or over your head. Or you don’t like to deal with numbers.

But, you need to be involved in your finances. You need to know your net worth and how much debt you have. You need to know your credit score.

Otherwise, how will you make good decisions with your money?

If your budget is to pay the bills and if you have money left, do whatever you want with it, you may not be going where your goals are.

If I want to be able to travel or go to plays, then I need to save for them.

piggy bank

If you want to get out of debt, you need a plan.

If you aren’t spending and saving your money based on your values, you will not be as fulfilled no matter how much money you have.

So get together with your spouse or your checkbook and find out for yourself how much is coming in and how much is going out. And does the way you spend and save your money reflect your values?

How are you going to get your financial house in order?