Giddy Christmas


What I love about Christmas and other holidays is that you can focus on what you like and are good at. You don’t have to bake beautiful cookies for three days unless you love to do it. You don’t have to decorate your house so everyone ooos and ahs over it unless you want to. You don’t have to send Christmas cards or you can spend a Saturday making handmade cards like my daughter and I do. You don’t have to host any get togethers or you can throw a big bash.

It’s a holiday which means everything is optional. What makes you giddy? Perhaps wrapping exquisite gifts. Or visiting the nursing home singing carols. Or finding the perfect presents for people on your list.

The problem is when you try to do everything over the top. Then you don’t have the time, energy or enthusiasm to do what really calls to you.

If you could only do one thing this season what would it be?

Mark it in your calendar, perhaps invite friends or family to join you and make it fun.

Let your other holiday to dos slim down or decide not to do them at all. Everything else you do this season will just be sprinkles on the cookies.

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