Gifts of Your Life

In the midst of lists of things I want to do and become, I also want to be present to the gifts I have today. My life is really great right now.

  1. Healthy kids, a home that is warm this winter, a cat that follows me everywhere, and a wonderful husband.
  2. I lost 7 lbs last year and did a lot of creating. I regularly have a quiet time in the morning and exercise at least 4 days a week.
  3. I can see, taste, hear, walk, touch, smell and move.
  4. Reconnecting to many old friends this past year.
  5. Plenty of things, food and ideas.
  6. The snow outside is beautiful.
  7. Warm water for showers.
  8. Electricity.
  9. New sheets on the bed

I don’t want to spend all of January looking ahead or behind. But, enjoying what I have at this moment.

What are the gifts of your life?


Photo credit: le temps qui passe