Some of my friends haven’t been too motivated lately so we are doing the action-reward game. We do something productive, then we get to have a reward.




craft stuff


A magazine article

Looking at pictures

A cup of tea

Lighting a candle

A snack of fruit or a smoothie

Short nap

Go outside

Watch the birds

Take a bath


Massage feet

Crossword puzzle


Read the Bible

Connect with someone

Make your gratitude list

Visualize what you want to accomplish

Splash water on your face or wrists

Read the comics

Write in journal

Computer game


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  • Matthew Cooper says:

    Hey, this is pure genius! 🙌 Love how you’re turning motivation into a fun puzzle of action and reward. 🧩 It’s like solving a challenge where every task completed unlocks a little treasure – be it reading, crafting, or simply a cup of tea. Just as I enjoy cracking puzzles, this method adds that element of anticipation and accomplishment. Kudos for such a creative approach to boosting motivation! Can’t wait to share this with my pals and start our own action-reward adventure. Cheers to productivity and rewards! ☕📚🎶

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