Habit Creating


We all have habits that we automatically do throughout the day. Some are good like brushing our teeth. Some are not so good like zoning out in front of the TV with snacks.

When we realize there is a habit we want to change or create, initially we are very excited. We know how much our lives will improve.

Often when we are trying to create new habits, we get all drill sergeant. We set a strict schedule not to be veered from. The minute we don’t do our habit, we criticize, blame and tell ourselves it’s done now. All or nothing.

Convinced we are failures and can never create new habits, we give up. Until the next burst of energy for change appears.

Developing new habits takes time. It takes self-compassion as we navigate incorporating something new into our lives. It won’t be a linear process.

Even if it takes months to cement your habit, isn’t that better than never?

Never is what happens when you don’t allow yourself to fail. If mistakes can’t happen on your watch.

Is decluttering 4 instead of 7 days a week better than not at all?

Is exercising 1 day better than none?

Is doing your morning quiet time 80% of the time better than not doing it?

How can you be more self-compassionate as you create new habits?

If you need help developing new habits with a self-compassionate mind-set, we would love to have your join the 4 week Habits and Rhythms class.


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