Habit of the Month: Keep up with the laundry


Habit of the Month

Laundry seems to one of the things most difficult to stay on top of for households.

Depending on how much laundry you have each week and what is your preferred working method, the two main ways to keep up with laundry are:

1) Do one load every day or every other day. Put it in your calendar or in your daily routine to remind yourself. You can start a load when you get up in the morning. Switch it to the dryer when you get home from work and fold after dinner.

Do you find yourself starting the laundry, but not finishing it? Clothes still in the laundry basket, a pile of clothes on the couch, having to re-wash because a load sat in the washer, wrinkly clothes in the dryer? Try using the timers on the washer and dryer or your kitchen timer if that is easier to hear.

It’s helpful to think in terms of laundry as 4 processes that need to be done in order for laundry to be complete. 1. Wash 2. Dry 3. Fold 4. Put away. Try to get the whole process done on the same day or it will nag you.

2) Or you may prefer to do all the wash in one day, which is what we are doing right now. For this to work, start as early as possible and be diligent about obeying the timer sounds so you can keep on track. As long as you do the laundry weekly and have at least a week’s worth of clothes you won’t have to worry about not having anything clean to wear.

Laundry is not the job of only one person in the family. You can have each person take care of their own clothes if you have teens. Or maybe you switch who does laundry each week or month. I know it takes time teaching them how to do laundry and they may make mistakes. But, do you really want your kid to be the one in the college dorm that doesn’t know how to do their own laundry?

What laundry method works best for you?


  • Eric West says:

    Some good tips here. Keeping up with laundry always seems to be a challenge. I found that minimizing my wardrobe helps. I have about a weeks worth of clothes, so if I don’t do laundry then I don’t have have anything to wear. That’s a pretty good motivator to get the laundry done.

  • cynD says:

    This is OH so true, I had done a fairly good job at keeping things up. THEN the machine went down and the repair man took 10 days to fix it.. OH my!! I have been doing 5-7 loads of launddry a day for the past 4 days… IT is a disaster! but it is getting done one load at a time.

  • Danielle says:

    Here is a tip: If you have a delay feature on the washer, use it. I can wash three loads while I am at work or sleeping. I set one to wash right before bed, to finish before I wake up in the morning. In the morning set another to finish before lunch, putting the first in the dryer. Then when I come home for lunch I set another load to finish before I come home for the day. Using the delay feature will prevent sour clothes. and help use your time wisely. (I then fold the laundry while watching my evening television shows.)

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Love this tip, Danielle!

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