Habit of the Month: Notice Progress Daily


Habit of the Month

One of the most annoying things about making changes, trying to declutter and simplify is often we only see what still needs to be done.

And, boy, it can feel overwhelming.

If there is so much to do, how can we ever get to our goal?

One way to counteract this feeling is to notice your progress daily.

Some ideas for noticing progress:

  • Check off your box on your declutter calendar.
  • Whenever you finish a task, pause, look at what you did and smile.
  • In the evening look at everything you completed on your to do list and add a few more than you finished. If you finished more than you didn’t it’s a win!
  • Take before and after pictures.
  • Concentrate on one area at a time until complete, rather than hopping all over.
  • Make your expectations of how much you can do, be about a regular day, not an ideal day. If you never finish your list, put less on it each day.
  • Use an app or program like Joe’s Goals.

How do you keep track of your progress?

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