Creating Nurturing Habits

“Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.�
~ Nathaniel Emmons

One of the main differences between people that succeed in their plans and people who don’t, are their habits.

Picture someone who hits the snooze 5 times as is her habit. She groggily gets out of bed. Sometimes she exercises, has her quiet time, and picks up the house in the morning. But, as she hasn’t established any of them as a habit, so most of the time none of those things happen.

The house is chaotic as everyone fights over whose turn it is in the bathroom and who has to feed the cat.

She gets to work late, as is her habit. She’s not sure where to start, so she begins with what is on top of the pile. She is dealing with emergencies all the time. She gets a quick bite to eat from the vending machine and eats at her desk to try to catch up.

She picks up fast food on the way home, since she doesn’t know what is for dinner. Another evening spent watching TV, which is what her family usually does in the evening. She falls asleep eventually, but tosses and turns because she knows she has forgotten to do something. Sometimes she takes off her makeup, flosses and lays out her clothes ahead of time. But, as she hasn’t established any of them as a habit, most of the time none of those things happen.

In the next house over, another woman is drifting off to sleep. She has already laid out her clothes the night before, performed her evening beauty routine and wrote out a little to do list for the next day as are her habits. Since she usually goes to bed at the same time every night, she falls asleep right away.

The next morning, she gets up even before her alarm. She usually gets up at the same time every morning, so her body is already waking up. She has enough time for her quiet time, a walk for exercise and a quick pick up of the house as per her routine. Her kids have a routine also, so despite some last minute things she still gets out of the house on time. She has tried to establish the habit of being on time out of respect for herself and other people.

She made her work list before she left work yesterday, so she knows exactly what her priorities are today. Some interupptions have happened, but for the most part she deals with the most important actions of her job. She goes out to lunch with a friend as is her habit on Thursdays. They have a standing lunch date that doesn’t need to be rescheduled all the time.

After work she smells the crockpot meal cooking as she comes inside the door. She made up a menu plan on Sunday evening as she usually does. She peeked at it this morning, to make sure dinner was started.

Dinner is enjoyed, then the family works together for 1/2 hour on various chores to get the house back in shape.

Only one hour of TV is allowed so the kids are playing with their friends or they go on a little evening outing. She plans some family fun during her weekly planning session on Friday afternoon. Her habits nurture her and her family.

So, do your habits nurture you?

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