Half Opened

I am getting close to being done with my mascara and under eye circle cover up, so when I saw new ones on sale I picked them up. But, better versions.

My under eye circle cream claimed it would even start fading those circles with the new ingredients it had. Not just cover up, but fading as well? I had to get it. As soon as I got home, I almost tore the package open to try it out.

But, I stopped myself.

I have a rule that I need to use up the old stuff before opening the new stuff. I know myself. If I just "try" out the new concealer, the old concealer will sit there for months. We all like the promise of new and improved. The lure of the better.

When I first got this concealer I was certain it would be the best. So the least I can do is finish it up. I can wait a couple weeks before fading my under eye circles.

My mascara that asserts it will make my lashes stilleto length will have to wait while I finish up my mascara that promised lush and full lashes.

This rule works great for skin cream, shampoo, conditioners, body products & hair products. I don’t want a bunch of half opened products that will end up being thrown out or being clutter. How about you?