Handling Disappointments


My 13 year old daughter spent hours creating her invitations for her 9th annual Valentine’s Tea party. We planned, shopped, and started to decorate. But, we had two snow days last week so the invitations didn’t get out. At least they could get out today.

Unbelievable – another snow day! I had to tell her she couldn’t have the party. Not only were there no invitations out but her Dad was sick and she had a slight cold herself.

She said she figured the party was canceled – but could we still eat the candy?  She told me she didn’t want to get her friend’s sick anyway.

I was so proud of how she handled it.

Often, us adults, fall into "why me?" and "it’s not fair" when something we work hard for falls through. But that kind of thinking makes you feel worse.

Instead, you can try to see the positive in it. Try assuming whatever happens, it is for the best. How would your thinking change?


  • Sany says:

    Recently, I was told that after a year long tenure, I was considered not suitable and that “things were not working out”.

    The reasons given varied, and whilst I would agree, to a certain extent, that my procrastination on some issues gave them a loaded gun, their business management and inability to be decisive was detrimental to my outcomes.

    Without making excuses, shifting blame etc, I adopted the attitude that I would learn from this experience – even when faced with the possibility of losing my job!

    Normally I would be devastated by such comments & prospects. Today, with a positive attitude and new outlook on life, I take these things on board; I accept the criticism, acknowledge the emotions and begin to look for the positives immediately in order to turn the situation around.

    Sure I may lose my job in a month – HOWEVER – I will have identified the actions causing my procrastination & devised a way to overcome such inertia next time (heaven forbid should there be a next time!); improved on my efficiency by managing my time and staff in a more productive manner and sleeping better at night because I know I made the right decisions based on facts and not overcome by emotions.

  • Very mature attitude on your daughter’s part.

  • Meme16 says:

    good teaching and some time she maybe can have a sleepover to fill in for her birthday/
    or mom and dad could camp on in the living room with her just for fun–with picnic and all and maybe a few games and only 1 movie

  • Beth says:

    Sany – that’s a great attitude! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you Lynne.

    Excellent ideas Meme!

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