Celebrate 2007


I saw this post on How Far Did You Come in 2007? Before hopping into creating goals and resolutions for 2008, let’s take some time to celebrate this past year.

Think about all you accomplished the year before. The people you were kind to, the new habits your made, character traits that were strengthened. Post them in the comments so we can acknowledge you.

Some things I ‘d like to celebrate:

  • Joining the choir
  • Eating many more organic foods and switching to environmentally friendly cleansers
  • Putting on two seminars after not speaking in public for 15 years
  • Getting over my fear of flying in airplanes
  • Taking two trips by myself
  • Driving the highway to Grand Rapids for the first time
  • Being married another year
  • Increasing my business
  • Becoming a Pastoral Care Elder
  • Completing Torah Club 1 and starting #2
  • Joining an accountability group
  • Inviting someone to be my business accountability partner and we kept in touch weekly all year
  • Creating fun times to spend with the kids
  • Meeting great women at the BlogHer Conference
  • Getting to know two of my friends much better
  • Encouraging many people with notes
  • Taking the kids to plays, the WaterFront Film Festival and the Great Performance Series for some culture
  • Starting doing social networking like FaceBook
  • Cooking quite a few new recipes and hundreds of meals

What would you like to celebrate?


  • Robin says:

    These are the two things that I am most proud of accomplishing in 2007 – potty training my granddaughter and asking the new pastor’s wife to do an activity for women who don’t work. The second thing was wayyyyyyyy outside of my comfort zone. We hadn’t attended the church all that long and aren’t members. So it was a huge step for me to say – I have a need and I bet there are others that would like to get out of the house during the day and spend some time with other like-minded women. Like I said they also were new to our church and I didn’t know her at all.

  • Beth says:

    These are great accomplishments Robin! Way to go!

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