Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. So far I have slept in, finished a novel, had a long cat petting session, ate a delicious breakfast, and have been welcomed by two dozen roses on my desk with petals strewn. (My husband knows where I would definitely spot them). Next up I plan to take myself out to lunch, browse Barnes and Nobles, try on some clothes, then do some life planning before the kids get home. Hopefully my package from ColdWater Creek will be on my doorstep. When the kids get home, we will go to the library, go on a hike and then we are all going out to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant Pietro’s. Maybe I can get the kids to play my favorite game, Boggle before they go to bed. Then a romantic hour with my husband before he goes to work. Then maybe I will laze around, relaxing, reading or whatever I want.

I always have an excellent birthday, mainly because I don’t rely on telepathic waves to my family and friends to bring me what I want. I plan and ask for it. Sometimes I get delectable surprises like my roses this morning. Sometimes I am happy I planned things because some people forgot my birthday. But, I always have a joyful day.

birthday roses
(I apologize for the fuzzy picture. My flash battery died.)