Has it Really Been 30 Years?

"I just have a low metabolism."

"I have bad luck."

"I don’t have time to take care of myself."

"My spouse would never go for it."

"I am just too tired to declutter."

Ever notice it’s usually the same excuses we’ve been using for 30 years? They may even be partly true. But, they don’t get us closer to what we want.

They make it easier for us not to go for it. If I’m tired, I can’t be expected to declutter.

Except, I’ve seen people, tired after a day of work, get up and declutter for 10 minutes. They end up with more energy because their stuff isn’t sapping theirs. Some start taking better care of themselves so they have more energy to declutter. Some people get motivated by friends or a group.

You may have obstacles. Most everyone does. If you work around them or despite them, you move your life forward. If you keep the obstacles in your pocket as excuses, you get stuck.

This week, pay attention to your thoughts. When you start making excuses, write them down. At the end of the week, look at your sheet of paper and acknowledge you have these challenges. Now pick one obstacle and brainstorm ideas that you can use to take action despite the challenge.

Next week, take one of these actions. Feel how good you feel when you move forward.