Have You Unplugged, Yet?


A lot has been written lately about unplugging. Taking a day a week or a month at unplug from technology so you can re-connect with yourself and with the ones you love.

But are you doing it?

Since we don’t see it as a necessity, we can find all sorts of excuses – my family will get mad at me if I turn of their technology, I just need to make one more phone call, but a show I like is coming on…

How can you make unplugging work for you?

  • Plan for this time and anticipate it. Create an email autoresponder saying you are unplugging for the day. Pick up the house the night before. Run your errands during the week.
  • Plan activities that you love to do that will keep you and your family away from technology. Stroll, go to the beach, play games, visit friends, watch the sunset, dance in your living room with your family, do something creative.
  • Remember the importance. Do you remember free time when you were younger? I remember growing up Sundays we would go to church, have a big dinner, read the paper, go on nature walks or other family activity. In the evening we would do our own thing, relaxing. How would it feel for you to unplug?
  • Turn off the cell phone. Unplug the TV. Hide the DVD player and video games. Keep the computer off.
  • Create a ritual to remind you of your unplugging – lighting a candle, changing clothes, a few minutes of deep breathing.

What do you need to do today to be able to take a day off this weekend to unplug?


  • Rosemarie says:

    Yes, I unplug on a Sunday. Sunday is my day off technology. It’s the regular day for visiting the family anyway so that makes it easy. And if I have an amazing idea for the business I just write it down. That way, it doesn’t keep niggling at me but I haven’t had to switch on the computer either.

  • Kim says:

    I can definitely relate to making excuses for not unplugging. Lately I’ve felt as though I’ve been in “overload” mode-constantly being a slave to responding to email, answering calls, and piled with work. It never occurred to me to unplug for one day a month. Marking it in my calender- thanks for the idea!

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