Having Trouble Keeping Routines?

Jen, at Semi-Charmed Wife, has a post about routines and ruts.

I always tell people about the value of routines. But, I can’t do straight routines. I go a little mad.

So I usually do my routines in a different order each day or week depending on how "trapped" I feel. I have the same daily things, but I mix them up in the day.

It’s amazing how just doing exercise before chores, or paper before calls can make you feel less contained.

And every few months I redo them completely – maybe I find I don’t need to do something daily, just weekly or I find a new method of doing something that I think might work or I read about a new schedule of someone’s.

I have my routines on the computer. Then I print them out and put them into page protectors so I can check them off with a white board marker. That way they are easy to change. If I am just changing the order for the day, I don’t even need to change the page. (saves paper)

I believe in working with your personality and quirks, not trying to change them into a mold.

Just thought you might like this alternative to plain jane routines.