Health for Busy Times

In this month’s Health Magazine there was an article on what is the minimum you can do healthwise when you don’t have as much time during the holiday season.

For Sleep The ideal is to be able to wake without an alarm. The minumum is to avoid going consecutive nights without enough sleep

For Exercise The ideal is to fit in an hour of cardio most days and 2-3 strength training sessions a week. The minimum is 30 min of cardio a day, in 10 minute bouts if necessary. And one day of strength training.

Fruits and Vegetables Ideally we should eat 7 servings a day. Minimum would be 1 serving with every meal.

Dairy Products Ideally we should eat 3 servings a day. At minimum we would eat 1 serving.

Stress The real ideal would be to do yoga or other stress relieving technique. Must do at least one thing to nurture yourself daily. Even just a 5 minutes tea break.