Seeing myself in a new way as a step towards health

So many migraines that month. So I was extra hard on myself regarding my health. “I shouldn’t have eaten that.” “I should have gone to bed earlier.” “I should have exercised.” “I shouldn’t have exercised.” Like many health things you don’t know till after the result.

When I fall into the should trap, I know I am in trouble.

All that self-talk was making me feel like an unhealthy person that makes unhealthy choices – despite having really good numbers from the doctor a few weeks before.

I decided to look at my healthy choices instead to reframe how I look at me and my health.

Just the other morning I was up early, made a smoothie, walked the beach giving a big smile and good morning to everyone I passed by. I wrote this on a bench overlooking the channel doing quiet time. I thought about all the fruits and vegetables I eat and how I exercise regularly. I take my vitamins regularly and always floss.  I go to the chiropractor.

Seeing ourselves in a new way is the first hurdle of change.

So I thought about how I would act if I saw myself as a healthy person who makes healthy choices. How would you?