Help, My Email Inbox is too Full

My daily email time was getting longer again. So time to unsubscribe.

What I unsubscribed from:

  • Daily inspirational emails. I just didn’t have time to read them every day and get inspiration in my daily blog reading
  • Emails from people I have bought from in the past. It’s nice to know when there is a deal, but most of the time I don’t need to be buying anyway.
  • My Google calendar daily agenda. I now have my calendar write in my Gmail sidebar thanks to a new Google lab.
  • A couple yahoo groups that produced tons of emails.
  • Some Google alerts that weren’t helpful
  • Many of my calendar reminders, since the calendar is right there in my email
  • Facebook and MySpace updates. I would rather just do a quick check at the sites daily.

What can you unsubscribe from?