Holidays Your Way


Everyone right now is telling you how to do your holidays. What you should do. What you shouldn’t do.

I posted on Facebook, “Black Friday judging is annoying. I don’t do Black Friday because I am an introvert. But, I know many people that love to go with friends and family bargain shopping. So whether you are staying in, going shopping, working or getting outside – enjoy your Friday!”

You can do whatever you and your family want. My uncle’s family does an Indian Buffet for Christmas dinner. I told that to an acquaintance of mine who said, “Oh I could never do that! Everyone wants the homemade meal at home.”

Some families want to buy for everyone as showing love. Others like to pick names and concentrate on one person or family.

So find out what is important to you and what is important to your family? Please ask. Don’t assume. I found out no one cared about the Christmas tree that the cat always tried to chew the lights. We haven’t put one up in years. But, looking at lights is important. The Christmas eve church service and reading the Bible story is meaningful to me.

What part of the holiday annoys you? Does anyone else care much about it? See if you can let go of the annoying parts. Or have the person that really needs it, do it. My artsy daughter took over most of the decorating. (Letting go of control is good practice!)

If not, find a way to make it easier or more fun. Decorate only the living room. Send half the cards now, half at New Year’s. Buy online. Bake cookies with friends and family instead of alone. Wrap presents to your favorite music. And no, it doesn’t have to be Christmas music. Order Chinese. Pay for a hotel.

How about we stop judging others for how they celebrate and not let other’s judgments affect our own holiday? How would you celebrate differently if you concentrated on loving instead of trying to gain love and approval?

How do you do holidays your way?

P.S. Do you want a holiday plan that doesn’t have you do a million things you just don’t have time for? I have my Simple Holiday Plan. It’s bundled with my Simple Annual Plan to help you plan the upcoming year.


  • Denise Vredevoogd says:

    Thank you, Beth! Wise and helpful advice. I especially like your question about how would you celebrate by concentrating on loving instead of trying to gain love and approval.
    When I try to make decisions this holiday season, I will ask this question, “Will doing this show love for others or is it merely a way to gain love for myself?” Your suggestions will help me prioritize. Peace and joy to you!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks Denise, that’s what I was trying to say yesterday, but as usual it comes out better in writing than speaking for me 🙂

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