Home Made Simple

I saw a new show on TLC last weekend called “Home Made Simple.” They give organizing tips, quick meal ideas and other simple living ideas.

A few tips from this past show:

  • Invite friends and neighbors when you are doing a big declutter
  • Take everything out of the space – setting a time limit so everyone moves quickly
  • Wash the space – have fun with it
  • Declutter and put things back in bins or labeled containers
  • Show spaces used for different activities with an area rug for the adult area, etc.

For your desk:

  • Clear the whole thing off
  • Organize CD’s in a CD holder
  • Use labeled boxes for bills and papers
  • Sort paperwork – your initial sort could be finished in as little as 5 minutes
  • Use the Swiffer to dust (this is what I use to dust with as well)
  • Keep the area around the keyboard and in front of the computer clear
  • Use a shoe holder for supplies on the back of the closet door