Homemade Upside Down Tomato Planter

We are forgoing our garden this year to try to heal our soil. But, I knew I would be craving fresh tomatoes.

Then I saw the upside down planters on TV. I figured my husband can make or fix just about anything, why not ask him if he could do this. That same weekend he was helping a friend’s grandma repair her roof and she had ordered the upside down planters so Jeff got a good look at them.

This week, he told me what we needed and it turns out we had everything but the foam. So we picked that up at hobby lobby for under $2.


  • 4 plastic hanging plant pots
  • a stand or hanger for the plants
  • craft foam for inside the pot to hold in the plants (like the kind you put in chair backings)
  • vine plants
  • dirt

We drove to our favorite farmer friendly supply shop and got our plants.

Jeff cut a hole in the bottom of the pots. We gently took the tomato plant out and Jeff held the pot while I pushed the plant through the bottom. Lost a couple leaves. Jeff had cut the foam so it was sort of like a square pacman. He placed the foam around the plant and root. This will keep the plant steady and the dirt inside the planter.

I filled the pots with dirt and by the end we had 2 tomato planters and 2 bean planters. On top we placed strawberry plants. Maybe we will get strawberries before the rabbits eat them this year.

topsy turvy

I’ll keep you updated with how our experiment works.