Hootin’ and Hollerin’

Do you know how to have fun? I notice some people seem to have forgotten.

Ottawa County Fair Derby

The County Fair is going on right now so I took my son to the demolition derby. The sun was low in the sky as we sat on bleachers cheering on the cars. Unique Sports, who hosted the derby, was trying to get the crowd involved. Some people hollered and cheered and had a grand old time. Others looked on with disdain at the revelry. They are too "mature", "bred", "cool" to participate.

But, if I had to guess, the people that hooted, hollered and got involved had a more enjoyable time then the people that stood back observing with judgment.

I had my cars I was rooting for. And clapped for the winners, the guy that was stuck up on the cement blocks and the guy who had to leave the race when his car caught on fire.

After the races the winners would come to the stage looking like they had the time of their lives and winning seemed secondary. And the drivers always said they appreciated the support of their families, friends and wives. I would hope that if my husband wanted to drive derby cars that I would say "go for it!" I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of something that would give him passion and exhilaration.

Are you involved in life? Or are you on the sidelines so you don’t look silly? Where do you want to be?