House obsession

It seems we are becoming more and more obsessed with our houses and the way they look. We try to buy more things to make it more beautiful and stylish. We add on and redecorate. I have eight different pillows for my couch and that’s after getting rid of two!

We upgrade furniture and appliances faster than ever before.

And now are houses are full of clutter. These showplaces we don’t even want to show.

My grandparent’s house was always very simply decorated. Some artwork from trips they have taken. Things rarely moved. They had the same furniture for years and years.

And yet their house was always full. A lonely missionary, a foreign exchange student, people they met on their travels, neighbors, people from church, and family all came to the house. Grandma never seemed to worry if the house was good enough or neat enough to have people over. She invited people at the spur of the moment.

Her house was usually clean, but rarely perfect. She routinely cleaned and didn’t have the clutter around the house (just in the basement). But she didn’t spend much time on redecorating or keeping up with the times. And without all the clutter she didn’t spend much time cleaning and organizing. Her house was comfortable and never showy.
And no one cared what the house looked like. People were there to talk and connect. Not have a house tour.

Hospitality never goes out of style.