How do you feel when I say the word time?


This time in the world has made your problems with time come to the forefront. Trying to work at home and homeschool. Working 14 hours shifts at a busy hospital. Not knowing what to do without the distractions of the world. Watching too much TV. Not working for the moment, but still not completing any of the stuff you claimed you never had time for.

I remember waking up not at 5am like experts say you should. Not wanting to get out of bed because a long to do list was already first in my mind. Rushing to get the kids to school then me to work. Guilt when I had to pick the kids up a few minutes late. Rushing home, errands, kid’s activities, throwing something together for dinner. I always felt behind.

Life was pressure, multi-tasking, shame, shoulds, overwhelm and a constant feeling of not-enoughness.

And I was so tired of it.

So, I went on a quest to find ways I could get things done without the pressure and stress. I learned to focus and prioritize, creating a life I could look forward to. And most importantly, ending the day feeling satisfied even if not everything got done.

What have you noticed about time lately? Where are your sticking points? How do you feel when I say the word time?

If you are tired of how you have been dealing with time, I’d love to have you join my Changing Your Relationship to Time class starting April 6th.

Let me give you some skills and ideas for getting through the day with more grace and ease. Help you find meaning and joy.

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