How do you see the world?


How you see the world affects how much you are able to simplify. We also see things with certain filters on, thinking we are seeing truth.

If you see the world has you will never have enough and full of scarcity, you may claw, overwork or manipulate people to get your fair share.

If you see yourself as never enough, you will always need to do more to make you feel worthy.

If you see your family as unsupportive and never willing to help you, your brain will give you plenty of reasons why that point of view is valid. But, if you decide that you are supported, you can see the different ways you are supported.

Our mind automatically goes to what is wrong. A very important survival tool. To decide to look at things from a different way take conscious choosing. You have to deliberately focus on a different, more positive point of view.

In order to change your life, you are going to have to change how you see your life and the people in it.


Picture by Ebelien

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