How to Make a Crazy Weekend Simpler

My parents came into town Friday night and we dyed eggs. And we spent most of the day Saturday at my son’s robotics competition. Then on Sunday I sang in choir at church and we had an Easter brunch. After church we went to my in-laws for Resurrection Sunday where I put on an egg hunt for the kids. So when you are going everywhere, how can you keep it simpler?

  • I didn’t cook anything except breakfast. And I had the family help me. We ate at the competition and we took my parents out to eat for dinner on Saturday.
  • I set out the directions, the bag with snacks for the competition, and my son’s robotic shirt the night before the competition.
  • We had someone take my son home from the school after the competition.
  • We staggered the showers so some took a shower at night, some in the morning. (We only have one bathroom.)
  • We took one car most of the time, so we didn’t have to try to follow each other.
  • I got up extra early on Saturday and Sunday before everyone else was up for some quiet time.
  • My husband helped my mother-in-law with dinner at her house, I did the egg hunt and the kids did the dishes so the work was spread out.
  • When my parent’s left Saturday night, we didn’t do a clean up. Instead the kids went to bed a little early and I went to bed with a book to decompress.

It would have been helpful if:

– I had the kids lay out some Easter clothes so my son wouldn’t come down in a orange shirt more appropriate for Halloween and my daughter with an animal print shirt. They changed before we left, but we at least we were still on time.

– I had woken up my son earlier. I didn’t quite have enough time in the bathroom before we left.

– I had gone to bed earlier Friday night.

– It didn’t snow 10 inches so we had to snow blow the driveway 3 times between Friday and Saturday.