How to Release Your To Dos at the End of the Day


If you often have a long list of to do’s unfinished at the end of the day, you might first want to read How to Get to the End of Your To Do List.

But if you just have a few hangers on at the end of the day, this post is for you.

For some, it’s difficult to feel at peace and go to sleep relaxed if they still have things on their to do list. The idea is to release those to dos at the end of the day.

  1. See what is left on your to do list in the evening BEFORE relaxing before bed time.
  2. Ask if it still needs to be done or if you can delegate it to someone else.
  3. If the to do doesn’t excite you, but you need to do it anyway, try changing the language. Think about higher level goals. Instead of "put up new curtains" it could read – "create a beautiful home by replacing the curtains with the lovely new ones". Then you will have more of an incentive to do it next time.
  4. If the to do is actually a project, write down the next step. "Write Report" could become "Write intro to report and first agenda item."
  5. If the to do is yours to do, put it on another day’s list. If tomorrow looks too full, put it on a later list.
  6. Think about the 3 things that you feel most excited about getting done today. Revel in the feeling of accomplishment.
  7. Consciously complete the day. Say something like, "Today is done and I choose to feel satisfied. I release anything undone to another day. I choose to feel complete with this day."
  8. Do an end of the day ritual – like a bath, reading a chapter in a book, changing clothes or lighting a candle that signifies that the work of the day is over.
  9. If any to dos come up after that, write them down. Remember, if you think about a to do, that doesn’t mean you have to do it right then.
  10. Enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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