How to Sort Papers


We were away last weekend and busy all week. So today I had a bigger pile of papers than usual. I did my TV pile method.

I turned on No Way Out on the TV. I like the movie but I’ve seen it quite a few times and don’t need to have my full attention on it.

I sat on the living room floor with my pile in front of me. One by one I picked up a piece of paper and decided what pile it went in. These were the piles I needed this week

  • trash
  • to file
  • receipts
  • magazines
  • recycle
  • coupons
  • exercises
  • recipes
  • to do/data entry

Once everything was sorted, I used the commercials to put it all away.

Trash got thrown out. I filed the to files. Receipts I shredded (tax receipts went into the to file pile).

The magazines went into the magazine rack which I quick glanced through for any magazines to be recycled.

Coupons went in my coupon folder.

The exercises were ripped out of my fitness or yoga magazines and put in my in box. The exercise articles go in an expandable file folder sorted in categories: upper body, abs, lower body, full body, yoga, pilates, cardio, ketteball

The recipes go in my menu planner. When the slots get overfilled, I let go of recipes I probably won’t make.

Another commercial gave me time to put the local college’s arts schedule into Google calendar, my hair appointment from my schedule card, some to dos on my to do list (and I put the cooresponding paper into the take action folder)

Now my inbox is empty.


  • Sandy Whitney says:

    It was encouraging to think that there could be such an attractive sorting method (old movie–very wise!) to take the edge
    off an unpleasant, easily “put-offable” task and to realize that there would be a satisfying end–good! Thank you!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    You are so welcome Sandy

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