How to Survive a 14 Hour Workay


Last week was full of long hours for a project I was working on with someone. Thursday ended up being 14 hours. When I told a friend that this weekend she said I must have been exhausted. That’s when I realized, I didn’t become exhausted that day. Here are some tips to get through a 14 hour day.

  • If these are the norms, work on figuring out how to lesson your hours. Can you manage up by asking your boss what is coming up so you can prepare ahead of time? I don’t think working 14 hours every day is healthy.
  • Exercise first thing to give you energy during the day. I took a short 20 min walk around the pond in the morning.
  • Center yourself. Breathe, pray, meditate. Get your head and heart on straight before diving into work.
  • Take lots of breaks. I took 5 minutes every 30-90 minutes. To walk around, straighten up, read a magazine article, breathe, talk to the kids, stand outside and look at the flowers. This kept my energy up all day.
  • Eat lunch away from the desk. I had a short 10 minute lunch. But, I ate it outside in the sunshine.
  • Have your family pitch in for dinner. I knew there was no way I could get dinner on the table that day. So my husband and daughter got dinner ready.
  • Don’t let thoughts like, “I shouldn’t be working these long hours. This is ridiculous. I don’t want to be working.” drain your energy. The more you resist what is happening, the more your energy fades away. Concentrate on what you are doing, wherever you are. Then later if you want to work out a plan so you don’t have to work so long next time, go for it.

Do you have any tips for long work days?


  • I own rental property and many times i have tenants waiting to move into a property that has just been vacated. They are always in a major hurry to get in so that puts us under a time crunch. Many times we work 14, 16 hours in a day, sometimes 2-3 days in a row trying to get these places cleared out, cleaned up, painted, repaired & etc. It can make for really long days at times.

    We have an agreement to always stop and break for lunch, walking away from the places to refresh not only our bodies but our minds too, as seeing what some people are capable of doing to our homes can be rather depressing at times.

    We also know that if we don’t take short breaks the exhaustion starts setting in, we start doing crappy work and doing things that could cause someone to become injured are much more likely.

    After a huge long working session we always take a day or two to just wind down and refocus. It makes us all the better for the next bend in the road.

  • I LOVE your tips. Sometimes we have really long days and taking little breaks REALLY helps with energy levels.

  • Reframing!

    Saying something like, “oooh, today I get to do some extra work on this”


    hey, it’s worth a try!

  • You know what they say…what you resist persists, so yeah going with the flow and pacing your day…great tips Beth!

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