How you drive is how you live

I heard the phrase, "The way you do anything is the way you do everything." Your character shows in how you do the small things and the big things. How you handle one situation is probably similar to how you handle other situations. If you are late to some things you are probably late to most of them.

It also includes driving. Do you drive impatiently, in a hurry, annoyed if anyone around you is going the speed limit? Where else, might you be impatient and in a hurry? For me, I will go around the block to make a right turn if I know that making a left will be difficult. Being sensitive, I think ahead to how I can avoid as much stress as possible.

Do you honk quickly or almost never? Are you law-abiding, but only if you see a police officer around? Do you race around parking lots or park as far from the entrance as possible? If someone cuts you off are you likely to be aggressive back? Or maybe just passive aggressive?

Think back to your driving the past few weeks. What has your driving shown you? Anything you’d like to change?